Bad Credit Mortgage Alberta & Saskatchewan

Bad credit? Banks turned you down? We can help!

Poor credit mortgage in Alberta and SaskatchewanKincaid Mortgages specialize in hard to place mortgages including bruised credit, self employed, new to Canada, low down payment, first time buyers and more.

Those who have less than stellar credit scores may be unable to get a mortgage, or are only offered home loans at high interest rates.

There are many reasons people may have bad credit: loss of employment; illness; other borrowers tied to their credit; student loans, credit card debts, etc. We sit down with you to look at your mortgage credit score, your current finances, your down payment, debt load and other factors that will determine your ability to get a home mortgage.

Find the Right Lender

Bad credit mortgage in Alberta and Saskatchewan CanadaUnlike banks, which have their own borrowing guidelines and a limited amount of lending products, mortgage brokers have access to lenders all across Canada, including big banks, trust companies, finance companies, credit unions and even private lenders.

Mortgage brokers work for you – not the bank – to find the best mortgage rates and terms for your needs.

Best of all – you only fill out one application and we shop your mortgage across multiple lenders that we know offer products to borrowers with bruised credit. This also means that you only need one credit report pulled – since pulling multiple reports in a short period of time can further hurt your credit score.

We will also give you tips for improving your credit score and increasing your chances of being approved. For instance, don’t make any large purchases or rack up additional debt if you know you will be applying for a mortgage. You want to keep your debt ratio as low as possible and pay off any unsecured debts that you can.

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