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Using the Services of a Licensed Mortgage Broker for your Commercial Mortgage

The advantage to doing your commercial mortgage through a broker is that you only fill out one application and your business mortgage can be shopped across lenders throughout Canada.  When you deal only with your local bank, they will have limited options with only their own products to offer you.   We are familiar with the different Canadian lenders – banks, credit unions, finance companies, private lenders and mortgage lenders – who have commercial mortgage loans available. 

Kincaid Mortgages can match you up with the best loan for your needs, with great terms and rates.  We have the clout of Dominion Lending Centers behind us, so we have the ability to negotiate and access loans that may not be available to the general public.

Buying a commercial property has been a wise move for businesses in Alberta and Saskatchewan. We can help you with your plans for growth and expansion.  Kincaid Mortgages also arranges leasing for business equipment, automobiles and commercial vehicles, technological equipment and more.

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