First Time Home Buyers Mortgage in Alberta or Saskatchewan

Making the decision to become a home owner is exciting but also intimidating. 

Many first time home buyers are unsure of the process and the best steps to take to make the process smooth.   They know that most Canadians build wealth through home ownership, and that owning a home continues to be a great investment in Alberta and Saskatchewan.  However, there are many pitfalls and mistakes that first time home buyers can make if they do not have expert guidance.

Call Kincaid Mortgages if you are a First Time Home Buyer

First time home buyer mortgage AlbertaWhen you are considering buying your first home, you should call the experts at Kincaid mortgages before you start shopping. We sit with you to go through your finances, discuss your preferences and financial goals.

By learning your credit score, calculating your down payment and understanding closing and carrying costs on a home, we can help you determine how much you can afford to spend on a home. While low mortgage rates are important, there are other considerations as well.

The terms of your mortgage: variable, fixed, hybrid, flexible, accelerated, etc. should suit your financial goals and preferences. We make it easy to understand your mortgage options and choose the type of mortgage that is best for you.

First Time Home Buyers Get the Best Mortgage Rates

Kincaid mortgages also helps you find the best mortgage rates! 

You only fill out one application and we shop your mortgage over lenders all across Canada.  We work for you – not the banks – to offer you personal, unbiased advice that saves you money and meets your needs.  Get  pre-qualified so you can feel confident shopping for a home, knowing you can afford it.  We can also recommend other real estate professionals – realtors, lawyers, movers, decorators, appraisers and more – to make the process as smooth as possible.

Call Kincaid Mortgages to set up a free and confidential consultation at (403) 593-4010. We can pre-qualify you before you start shopping for a home.