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We offer great rates and terms by shopping your mortgage across banks, credit unions, finance companies, trust companies and even private lenders. 

We have access to many lending products not available to the general public.  Best of all – you only have to fill out one application and have one credit report pulled! 

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Mortgage Loan

Mortgages financing SaskatchewanIf you are currently a home owner, you probably have equity locked up in your home.  This equity can come from the down payment you made, the regular mortgage payments you have been making, improvements to the home and any increase in real estate values for your home.  

Borrowing against a home can be one of the lowest cost ways to borrow as the loan is considered ‘secure’.  If you have any high interest debts, like credit or store cards, unsecured loans or leases, you are probably paying high rates.  Compare the savings to the low interest rates available for mortgages, home equity lines of credit or second mortgages.

If you need a loan to pay back debt, make a large purchase or investment, do improvements on your home, or for other reasons, we can help you find the best financing solutions for your needs. 

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Equipment and Vehicle Leasing

Kincaid Mortgages also offers leasing options for our clients. 

Looking to finance an automobile or company vehicles?  Looking for equipment or technology leases for your Alberta or Saskatchewan business? 

Give us a call to learn your options.  More about leasing.