Mortgage Refinancing in Alberta & Saskatchewan

Refinance Your Home Mortgage with Confidence

Mortgage refinance Alberta Canada

There are many reasons homeowners choose to refinance.  Here are some:

  • Carrying high interest debt (credit cards, store cards)
  • Having multiple loans and monthly payments
  • Car loans or other higher interest loans
  • Finding you can just make minimum payments
  • Requiring money to invest in RRSPs, stocks, bonds or education
  • Desire to finance a large purchase, renovations or travel

Refinance Your Mortgage

Homeowners can take advantage of the equity in their homes, by refinancing at historically low rates.  Chances are, your equity has greatly increased over the past decade with the payments you have made and the significant appreciation in housing prices in Alberta and Saskatchewan. 

Even if your original mortgage was insured, you will only have to pay the insurance premium on the new amount you borrow.

Mortgage Refinance

Mortgage refinancing in Alberta and Saskatoon, SaskatchewanRefinance with Help from Kincaid Mortgages

Call the experts at Kincaid Mortgages to sit down with you and discuss the requirements for refinancing, including the loan-to-value ratio limits and your amortization options. 

Refinancing can be done on your home or your secondary home/investment properties.   We can find you a lender willing to extend your amortization period for 25, or even up to 30, years.


Call us today to learn your options for refinancing and get started!