Self Employed Mortgage in Alberta or Saskatchewan

Owning Your Own Business Presents Unique Challenges When Applying for a Mortgage Loan. 

Mortgage for self employed individuals LethbridgeAt Kincaid Mortgages, we understand the challenges self employed business owners face when searching for a low rate mortgage.

We specialize in finding great home loans for hard to place mortgages. Through Dominion Lending Centers, we have access to lenders all across Canada.

While we often get great rates from banks (often better than those available to the general public) we also deal with credit unions, finance companies, private and other lenders.

We know the lenders that favor self-employed mortgages. Their lending criteria often differs from the major bank requirements, making it possible for both employed and self-employed home buyers to qualify for a great rate mortgage.

We can help you find the best mortgage for your Alberta or Saskatchewan home. You only need to fill out one form and we shop your mortgage over different lenders to find the best mortgage product that suits your needs.