Vacation Home Second Home Mortgage in Alberta or Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan vacation home mortgagesMortgages for Second Homes

Getting a great rate on a vacation home can often be more challenging than finding a mortgage on your main residence.

It pays to work with a mortgage expert who knows the lenders that specialize in vacation home mortgages.  It can be difficult to get approval for that cottage or chalet when you deal directly with the banks. 

Kincaid Mortgages can help you understand the mortgage options available and  find cottage financing that will suit your needs.  We can also suggest ways to use the equity in your current home, or other savings, to use as a down payment to qualify for better home loan rates.

Call Kincaid Mortgages for Your Vacation Home Mortgage.

Cottage mortgage loan Alberta or Saskathewan CanadaVacation homes in Alberta and Saskatchewan can be cabins in the woods, cottages, condos, townhomes, ski chalets, beach cabins, or may even be bare land that you wish to build on. 

The vacation home may be 4 season, or more rustic.  Regardless of your preferences, your second home will be an escape that you and your family can make memories in and enjoy through the coming years.

Why wait to buy your Alberta vacation home?  Call the experts at Kincaid Mortgages to discuss your options to make your cottage dreams a reality.