Why Use a Mortgage Broker?

Mortgage broker Lethbridge AlbertaLooking to buy a home in Alberta or Saskatchewan?  Real estate is a form of security and wealth for Canadians, and often the biggest purchase they ever make.  Whether you are a first time buyer, are moving up the property ladder, or are looking for a mortgage renewal, you will probably need a mortgage.

Many people assume that you must go to your bank for a mortgage.  While banks do offer mortgages, they are usually limited as to the types of mortgages and will have their own lending criteria. 

The mortgage agent at the bank will only grant your mortgage if you meet their lending guidelines, and can only offer you the limited selection of home loans that their bank offers

Mortgages Lethbridge, Alberta CanadaA mortgage broker, on the other hand, works for you – not the bank.  They can offer expert, unbiased advice and shop your mortgage across many lenders.  Mortgage brokers often get special rates and terms that are not available to the general public.  You only fill out one application and they have lenders compete for your business.  Best of all?  You don’t pay anything for this service – but they can save you thousands in interest over the term of the mortgage.

Kincaid Mortgages has access to lenders across Canada through Dominion Lending Centres.  We shop your loan over big banks, but also over finance companies, credit unions, mortgage companies, private lenders and more.  While a low mortgage rate is important, it isn’t the only consideration.  We will sit down with you, gather all pertinent information, and explain everything you need to know about  lending terms and what your responsibilities are.  

Based on your risk tolerance, financial situation and future goals, we can help you determine the terms that best suit your needs: variable or fixed rate mortgages; accelerated payments, flexible payment options and more.  We also help you understand closing and carrying costs on a home, and can get you pre-approved for a mortgage before you shop for a home.